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Luxury Microdermabrasion Facial Exfoliation cloth Erase Wrinkles Acne With Water

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 Luxury Microdermabrasion Deep Exfoliating Cloth

Colors vary depending on availability



Use Daily with a mild natural cleanser 

Use with only water for a deeper microdermabrasion

Stimulates Collagen

Erases Wrinkles

Smooths and Minimizes Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Reduces Age Spots

Removes Blackheads

Manages and controls Cellulite

Removes Makeup

Ends Acne

Reduces Scarring and Appearance of Strech Marks

Reduces Eczema

NO MORE CHEMICALS NEEDED just use water or your favorite natural cleanser


But how does it work?

You can use this on face, neck, body, feet ect. Microdermabrasion with the Cloth is an easy skin rejuvenation process. It is the most gentle yet effective at home skin treatment. It removes a fine layer of skin causing cellular renewal and collagen production. Problematic skin is then replaced by new healthier skin. Right away you start to see dull lifeless skin being replaced by a gorgeous glow of youth and health. With continued use weekly, acne, scars, stretchmarks, wrinkles, lines, pores and cellulite will begin to diminish.


How do i use it to do a MicroDermabrasion Treatment?

Easier than pie. This cloth will give your face, neck and body glowing skin instantly.


For a 

  1. Wet your Cloth with warm water and wring out any excess water.
  2. Wrap the cloth around 2-3 fingers 
  3. Gently buff in small circular motions not to exceed 1 minute for the entire face.