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Dmso Pain relief You Choose Scent 2oz 99% Pure Thick Rich Shea Cream Organic Homeopathic

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DMSO - pain killer & anti-inflammatory



DMSO has many benefits. Sports teams and Olympic athletes use DMSO as a pain killer and to reduce swelling. Arthritis sufferers use it to reduce joint pain and improve their quality of life. It is used to prevent herpes outbreaks, treat scar tissue and other skin conditions.

It is important to note here that DMSO is great for treating symptoms while you are trying to find out what the underlying cause of the condition is. For example, it will kill pain of tendinitis, but it will not cure it. It will prevent herpes outbreaks and reduce the swelling and pain of arthritis, but if you stop using it the symptoms will return.

DMSO is dimethyl sulfoxide, a by-product in converting trees to paper. It has industrial uses as an antifreeze and as a solvent for wide range of chemicals. There is also a wide range of medical uses. DMSO has a remarkable capacity to penetrate skin and tissue and enter the bloodstream. It can also carry substances with it into the bloodstream, and while DMSO itself has a very low index of toxicity, any toxins present from negligent manufacturing processes can be potentially dangerous.
Compared to many drugs it is very safe with few side effects (skin irritation, a garlicky smell). Nonetheless, the FDA has only approved it for the treatment of a singe rare condition because there is apparently little proof of its effectiveness for treating other conditions.
Research is scarce and difficult to get financed because DMSO is not a substance that pharmaceutical companies can patent and make money on. It is also difficult to undertake double blind studies to eliminate the placebo effect because of the garlic taste and smell. The medical community and the FDA are concerned by the lack of rigorous research to confirm the benefits and ensure its safety.
However, it is widely used in the former Soviet Union and other countries around the world and a trial conducted by the Japanese Rheumatism Association concluded that DMSO relieved joint pain and increased range of joint motion and grip strength.




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